Tier 1 - Logo Design

CTK Software, Inc. Tier 1 logos are uniquely designed meeting your specific marketing strategy, logo needs, and overall basic color scheme while staying within a tight budget. Tier 1 logos are effectively designed using a maximum of 3 colors having no gradients or shadowing. Contact a CTK Software, Inc. Representative for more information or to get started today. If you are looking for a more detailed, intricate, and eye catching logo try our Tier 2 logo design service.

Tier 1 Logo Package Includes:
Full copyright
2 mock-up Sketches
Basic logo design
Simple graphic elements
Up to 3 solid colors
1 revision

Tier 1 Logo Design Total Investment Cost = $300.00
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Note: If you'd like more revisions than 1 no problem! Additional revisions are available for $40.00 each or we recommend you try our Tier 2 logo design service in which you receive 2 extra revisions (a $80.00 Value Free).

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