Consultation: The first and most important thing we do is to take the time to find out about you and your computer / network issue. Whether you're computer savvy or new to computers our knowledgeable and friendly staff knows just the right questions to ask to determine how we can help you.

What To Expect: Let's face it, none of us has time to waste. So if you need help fast we can schedule a technician to arrive on-site at the next available time. As soon as our tech arrives we are there to get the job done quickly & get it done right.

Services Offered: Computer Repair, Computer Security, Computer Service, Computer Support, Computer Slowdowns, Computer Upgrades, Computer Not Starting, Data Recovery, PC / Server Crashes, Laptop Repair, Network Slowdowns, Network Management, Service Contracts, Computer Sales, Network Setup, Network Security, Wireless Internet Setup, PC / Server Setup, E-mail Server Setup, Printer Setup, Router Setup, Spyware Removal, Malware Removal, Virus Removal, & More.

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