All software quality assurance and testing begins with the preparation of a detailed test plan. We like to work with a copy of your application or module to be tested during this process in order to include our recommendations and deliver a top quality and precise test plan proposal. Once we have agreed on the testing to be done and the project investment cost, the test is scheduled. During and after the test period, we give you detailed test data in the format and frequency that you specify. Our testing reports are written in a clear, objective manner and our test engineers and test writers bring discretion and years of hands-on experience to everything they do. Types of testing including but not limited to: Development, Design, Regression, User Acceptance, Integration, Implementation, Compatibility, Load /Stress, Localization, Module, White Box, Black Box, Manual, or Automated Testing. Contact a CTK Representative for more information or to get started today.

• Software QA Consulting: Requirements Gathering through Implementation

• Domestic or international traveling to your location

• Some Clients: Qwest, Verizon, Teletech, Alpine Access.

• On site / Off site Software Testing Services

• Short Term and Long Term Contracts

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Software Testing