With over 7 years accomplished experience working with Large Corporations like Verizon, Qwest, Teletech, and Alpine Access on projects ranging from $300 to 50 million dollars CTK Software, Inc. has the ability and the know how to get your project done right. We will work along side your staff assisting and contributing to the overall project or manage an entire project or module on our own. You can sub-contract a highly trained and experienced staff member or entire team to help you hit your timelines, objectives, and goals no matter how extensive or short term your project may be. Please contact a CTK Software, Inc. Representative today, because we have the dedicated staff available right now for your next web development project.

• Web Site / Web Based Design: Requirements Gathering Through Implementation

• Web Site / Web Based Design Revisions, Changes, Or Redesigns

• Domestic / International Travel To Your Location If Required

• On Site Daily, Short Term, Or Long Term Service Capabilities

• Daily, Short Term, And Long Term Agreement Options

• Several Maintenance Agreement Service Optionss

• Bulk Domain Name Registrations

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